Saturday, November 20, 2010

The L word

what love is
can one show me
for I know not what it is

was said to be warm
but I
first knew of love
felt no warmth
just sheer cold
which chilled me to the bone
without my knowing

was said to be of trust
but I
first tried to trust
was then broken
into shredded pieces
which would never heal
only time could tell

now I
somehow find that
I truly believe in love
not of the one upon me
but to the love encircling me

I do feel warmth
I do feel trust
that is all that I require
for I don’t believe
that mine have warmth or trust

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wormy :: Flowers in the Attic

by Virginia Andrews.

Andrews was a name that stuck in my mind. I've read this book years ago, but was tempted enough to buy this copy of mine after stumbling upon it in a secondhand bookstore in Chowrasta. 

In this Dollanganger series, the story moved in a fast pace, with lots of high points that kept me turning the page non stop. There are five books in the series:

Flowers in the Atic (1979)
Petals on the Wind (1980)
If There Be Thorns (1981)
Seeds of Yesterday (1984)
Garden of Shadows (1986)

This series portray the dark side of family secret. I mean, a really really dark secret. Conflict of incest, revenge and more dreadful events.

The story was about Cathy, her older brother Chris, and younger twins (Cory and Carrie). At first, they lived quite a charming life with their parents until one day, their father died in a car accident. Being a single mother, Corrine decided that she should returned to her family for help. In order to live in her luxurious family house and gain inheritance of her father's fortune, she had to hide her children in the attic. At first, Corrine visited them on daily basis but the visits grew less and less after some time. The children was locked in the attic for three years but their trust in their mom never fade. Later, when Cory died of malnutrition and poisoning, they soon realize that Corrine never want them in her life anymore. With that, they decided that they have to escape from the attic. 

Well, I guess I left the incest part out. haha. 18sx weh. haha. Google yourself if you're curious. 

 I feel kinda glad that i was able to finish this kinda-Gothic family story. but then, my mind kept wondering what had happened to the three of them after they managed to escape. Was she trapped in the incest-love with his brother or did she have a happy ending?

But I should have known that all dark story will remain dark until the end. I've wiki it on the net. And now I don't need to find the rest of the depressing books. 

ps~ I need to find a H.A.P.P.Y book. One with rainbows, and tulips, and a handsome BMW in it  ^________^ 

Monday, November 1, 2010

sama tapi tak serupa

entri ini pasal Mama lagi..

sebab apa aku suka cita pasai Mama?
sebab otak Mama kreatif dalam hiburkan hati kami sefemli..

Abah keturunan bugis..
Bugis ni garang2, tu yang leh jajah macam2 tempat..
tapi ai stil lap yu Abah..

situasi baru:

Abah tengah bersembang dengan Mama.
(Dah=short name Mama, Hamidah, Tib=short name Abah, Latib)

Dah, Tib cadang nak masak nasik ayam rini. ka Dah ada plan laen?
Takdak plan. masak la pape pon.
Dah, mana Tib punya baju? tinggai sini tadi.
Basuh. Busuk dah.
Dah, Tib bla bla bla bla bla bla.
Mama cakap sorang2
Tib, Tib Tib.. Stapler takdak?

penerangan = sila sebut Tib = tape

ps~ Mama memang tak banyak sangat cakap..tapi kalau datang mood nak merepek, perut+mulut kejang xhengat..