Thursday, December 30, 2010

un-glue it

My Heart
when was glued to another heart
was hard, or rather imposible
to unglue it

be it if the other heart was only in my mind
for My fool Heart 
care not for the reality of life

My poor, poor Heart just need small effort
to glue itself unto another

by being too kind,
by being too sweet,
by being too caring,
My Heart won't care,
My Heart would just float itself 
and glue itself upon the other

I blame myself for not teaching My Heart
be careful with Men
most of them see not My Heart
but care only about theirs

was enough
for My Heart to carelessly glue herself
that was my limit anyway

my plan?

I'm gonna
lock My Heart in a safebox
cement it in a bigger box
dig up a deep hole
in the deepest sea
and buried My Heart there
in the middle of the darkest night

I've to do it fast
before My Heart fly and found another 
to glue Herself


Cik Benang said...

u boleh tambah lagi satu image kat gambar tu:

"Broken heart + another people broken heart = mended heart".

*mode2 balas dendam. Cool x plan CB?

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

hahaha..penah gak pk nk wt cmtu..bls poblematic marriage kt dia n wife dia yg jht jugak..hahha..but then, wasted energy la..baek i lepak tgk tb..