Monday, January 3, 2011

~~ 2011 ~~

Happy New Year, guys. 

At times like this, we’ll usually reflect back bout what we’ve done on the past year. So, how’s ur list look like? More good than bad?

My 2010 feels like a breeze in the air. So swiftly flown past me. I’m still the same old person at the start of 2010, with no big accomplishment whatsoever.

Study life
Still stuck with these never-ending experiment list which is getting bigger and bigger after appointment with the Big Boss. (Why can’t he stick his mind just on one idea and not to expand it aimlessly. Haihh..) But I’ll be finishing all this up by end of this year. I’m going to give my all in this. Trust me. And please, pray for me because surely this time, I’ll need a huge, really really huge amount of support, love and strengths. Not to mention big hugs too. A huge pile of it actually. In case of emo breakdown. Hahah.. Me n my emo breakdown.

2010 surely done some miracles by bringing them back together. Thank ALLAH for that. But when we get something, we’ll surely loss something else. Although I’m glad that their problems were solved, but other new and suppressing attitude arise from that. And thinking back, I really prefer the old ones back. At least, I’ve adjusted well to that life. And now, I have to re-tune. I’ll do that. Just give me some time and I’ll try to make use of all of this for the better life that I always imagine we’d be.

The past year showed that I don’t have any lucky charms to play, but I got played hefty. Me and love, I think I’ll past. In my plans, there’s only one Haziq needed. Or maybe a lil sister too. Hahha. I have plenty of time to decide on that.

Hitting 26 this 2011, although I have 6 months ahead, I do have to plan and make all of this a better year. And that’s me, mumbling bout what I’m planning ahead.

and for that, Cheers for me. Wohooo!!


Cik Benang said...

Keji taw, I dah tulis panjang2 kat sini, sekali Error 404 puloks. Tak ke ko menangis?

Anyway, 2010 has been soo nice to me. Even the word "nice" is really an understatement. No major disappointment and a bunch of beautiful moments, love and all. Tu diahhh.. love katanya!

I predict 2011 will be a lot harder (I pray please be gentle on my fragile soul) since I will start my PhD beginning May.

So, I pray to god so that 2011 will bloom like beautiful flower in the morning upon you, me and all!

*matilah buat mini entry kat komen org lain.

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

hahhaha..tu la CB..u ols memang teratas dalam senarai komen u CB..

semuga bunga2 berkembang dengan jayanya taun baru nih..aminnn

Phat Lee said...

happy bday jugak. *tetiba

alif zai mim ra said...

salam kakak. salam tahun baru. hee~~

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

ntahnya..sesuke jek..nway, BMW5series memang best..[tetiba jugak]

nway, singgah2 la selalu k..nnt aku lepak tempat ko lak..

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

selamat ke atas kamu jugak!!
n selamat tahun baru..[saja la tu pgl akak sbb nak bagi saya rasa tua..jahat!]

PinQib said...

me too rasa 2011 macam ahli kuarga yang dulu bau3 bacang da rapat erat3
i like entry in english ><

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follow awak balik.
len kali singgah sini lg

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

thanks..tu la kan..semuga lepas2 ni femli2 kita akan lebih kamcing..

[xreti sangat pon speakang ni..latih sket2 la jwbnya]

alif zai mim ra said...

tak suka ka? sy panggil tanda hormat.. huhu.. ok2.. xpanggil kakak dah.. huhu

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

ulololo..jgn hal punya..kakak or no kakak, kita still pren kan?