Monday, March 14, 2011

Float Buoy!! Float!!

Yesterday went movie-mania alone. trying to watch all the movies in my dear Lappy. Need to clear her (Yes, Lappy is a girl, okeh.. So is my kancil, Miss Pudu). It will not be long before she's congested with all the haven't-had-time-to-watch-yet movies. 

And with all that pending movie list, I've managed to download MORE MOVIES from the net due to Sandy Frenzy syndrome I've had recently. So, another fifteen movies were added. There you go. When will I finish watching all these movies. Aiyyoh..

So, back to yesterday. Sandy Frenzy was in full blast! Six p.m. sharp, the curtains were drawn to cinema-fy my room. With my dear roommate off on her holiday, I got the room all for myself. Terbongkang tak hengat la jawabnya. 

Anyway, watched Hope Floats with Sandy as the lead. 

I'll give this movie thumbs up. Times hundred. 

Felt strength rising inside of me. Strength to stand up and walk tall. I may say that I'm cured. It's been three years. But to say the truth, I don't think that I'm really cured. You know, being cheated really left a huge scar on me. A scar that will bleed from time to time. And still praying that all will just remain as the past. 

But, as soon as the strength settles in, my dear negative thoughts amplified through my head. She's a beauty, surely men waits in line for her. Me? Huge ultimate sigh there. And I couldn't agree more. Guess I just have to go on with my life any pray that the scar will stop bleeding. And if insists on bleeding, I'll apply pressure to it. Gauze it up, bandage it tightly.

Okay, enough about that. All I wanna tell all of you is the soundtrack from the movie is just super sweet

do enjoy the songs k..

Ps - my english is getting rusty. need to polish+wax it till it shines..hahaha..


misz molecule said...

cerita baru ke?? smpai xtaw pun..

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

hahha..nope..1995's movie if I'm not mistaken..zaman Sandy moda2 dlu..hihihihi

misz molecule said...

hahaha..ptut nmpk lme je covver ctew ni

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

best kwn sy ckp cerita itu busan..huhuhu

PHIRDOTE said...

i enjoy the songs :)

~~DucKneSs~~ said...