Thursday, July 21, 2011

ice cold




my heart didn't skip the beat like what Lenka said.. 
nor did it beat like 2P.M.. 

all I can say, my heart frequently feels numb.. 
it feels like it didn't get enough blood supply to keep pumping.. 


that's what it is..

you left me broken, and three years are not enough to mend it well. 





that's what i felt all these years..

but i'll hang on, till i find a new heart..

a heart that will not freeze mine anymore..

Saturday, July 9, 2011

once in a blue moon

Hi there..

I've been blue..
caused by loneliness and 'unsocial'ness..
*haha..aku wujudkan sendiri perkataan tu.

Stuck in the Bat's cave..
The Gloom stays with me for quite a while..
Been facing the Sun for the past week..
So that the Gloom evaporate into thin air..

but, Hey~~~
I got you babe..
I'll write all in here..


* So sorry dear friends, not that I forgot bout you all..but things do get out of my hands ever so easily..Do forgive me..