Saturday, July 9, 2011

once in a blue moon

Hi there..

I've been blue..
caused by loneliness and 'unsocial'ness..
*haha..aku wujudkan sendiri perkataan tu.

Stuck in the Bat's cave..
The Gloom stays with me for quite a while..
Been facing the Sun for the past week..
So that the Gloom evaporate into thin air..

but, Hey~~~
I got you babe..
I'll write all in here..


* So sorry dear friends, not that I forgot bout you all..but things do get out of my hands ever so easily..Do forgive me..



Cik Benang said...

wow, maseh hidup. :P

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

terasa nox..
ai bukan bizi la..

Alice Capulet said...

*cough* cough*

banyak habuk noo..


~~DucKneSs~~ said...


batuk banyak2 ye..buang kahak2 hijou itu semua..hihi