Thursday, September 20, 2012

my own protests

Right now, I'm resented by some insensitive beings. 

That is all they can mean to me. 

What would you do if your greatest idol was humiliated. The one that you worship was joked around. 

If racial vilification is illegal, what about blasphemy? Did you just close your eyes, turn and walk away?

The defamation was intolerable, but violence is not the way to find justice. We can show 'them' what our Idol teach us. Violence is not the way to treat the ignorance.    

They can say what they want. Only the one who seeks the truth will know the real story.

It'll be just another propaganda with layers and more thick layers of lies and deceit.  If any of you wants to know the truth, do your own research and you'll find out the truth. It may require hard work, but then, you'll know for sure whether it's stray of light or another bullshit. 

ps~ were they so scared of my Idol that they have to make ill of him and his teachings even thousand years after he left?

ps~ I'm so sorry I couldn't help you out dear Muhammad s.a.w. Thanks for your prayers for me even when I'm not even there when you are. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

peek - a - who?

I'm here in my office right now..
Yup, its SATURDAY a.k.a relaxing weekend (supposedly)..
No need to check your calendar..

I'm in duty for this week. So no off-day for me, even for this monday. Sigh.

Will be alone doing roundwalks around this 3storey building. Another big sigh.

Hope nothing (or rather nobody) will play peek-a-boo with me today. Aiyyak. This 'otak' is very creative. Huge sigh.

Anyway, I'll cheer myself up. Need to do some pending writing. 

Cayuk2 Duckness!!!
(Focus please)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hi all..
It has been too long..
Far too long..

Now I'm trying to get the writing mood back..

Let it be good this time..

ps~this layout seemed to cheezy now. need to find a new layout..