Tuesday, April 8, 2014

simple Do-It-Myself #1 hand watch

I swear I won't stop by any watches shop just because 'my battery needs to be changed'.. Seriously guys, we're simply WASTING money..

Why am I saying this?

okay..let me explain..

Usually if I went to change the battery, any shop would charge RM15-20. I thought that the battery itself was expensive.. ye la, small things usually tend to be a bit pricey.. 

But, today, I've just discovered that the battery itself cost only RM2.90.. at Alamanda (a Japanese shop that I couldn't recall).. memang bateri ni susah nak jumpa, tapi it's cheap la weh.. kalau jumpa, beli banyak-banyak dan simpan stok..

I have 3 watches, and all three of them use this type of battery.. Usually sold in long strip..

Doing math, obviously the service charge was too damn EXPENSIVE.. I mean, really people, we need to change the battery ourselves.. I'm actually thinking of starting a business, nak tukar bateri jam.. sole service.. boleh beli Range Rover nanti.. Huahahha..

So, that's my first ever reported D.I.M. story.. I am starting a new DIM chapter.. Keep tuned in.. 



fatian athiea said...

please recall kedai pe.

DAISO ? ihiks

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

Daiso xdak kat Alamanda ni..Japan Home Shop..rasanya lah kot..haha..

Thanks singgah ye Miss Fatian

gadisBunga™ said...


good business plan. siyesli.

people don't mind paying sebab malas nak buat sendiri. anggap je bayaran tu untuk servis dan sedikit untuk bateri.

so.. range rover's speeding all your way!!

~~DucKneSs~~ said...

Hai hai GB.. ^___^

tu la..tapi, too pricey la..kalau RM10 boleh lagi diterima..

tapi, mari berimpian Range Rover..hihi..