Friday, May 9, 2014


Yes.. I'm officially declaring myself of having homesickness. Recently I've experienced this sickness a lot. Aihh... Makin tua makin sensitif kot. Haha.

During my Bachelor, I've never felt like this. Whole semester without returning home, I'm ay-oooo-kay.. Tapi laa ni, maunya sebulan sekali dok nak meroyan dah.

Hence, the cuti application for this monday! Yahooooooooo~~~ I'm going to peluk Mamaloba puas-puas. And take her out jalan-jalan and shoping. Abahero macho, mana buleh nak peluk-peluk and dating-dating. So, I'll just eat whatever he cooks until perut monchet. Muahaha~~ And accompany him during his tv surfing session. 

My theory is, when you have friends around you, you'll feel like you have a part of your family there with you. 

Since I'm new to this place, I'm having difficulties meeting new single friends. Most of them have their cute lil family to return to, while I have to return to my small lonely room. Sigh. 

So, I'm gonna grow my hair. Putrajaya ada banyak landscape yang cantik and for sure filled with flowers. Once I turned into flower, I'll surely have many beautiful friends. Always chilling out in the open. I'd love that.

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